Friday, February 16, 2018


This bitter tasting part of me
hangs like a stone around my neck
This clown that prowls my thoughts
Like a belligerent speck
In my head everyone is ugly
If I see inside their heads
Consumed by their own greed and jealousy
Am I any different?
Maybe in their head
I am ugly, too
And while we play these mind games
Time is ticking and tocking away
Would I still be ugly tomorrow
If I were ugly yesterday?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

curb kisser

a simple lip kiss won't do, sir
you need to French this motherfucking curb
open wide and give it your all
let the concrete ring the bell of your throat

breathe in the dust and dirt and the scum
lick it and tell how does it taste
close your eyes and let it sink in
through your nose, your mouth, your soul

think some happy memories, it's time
till you feel the pressure on the back of your neck
it rises and rises and then you'll feel no more
black clouds envelop you forevermore

I don't know, man. This just wanted to come out.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Eat The Water

the taste of water is an alien emotion
that sits in the back of my throat
like an uninvited guest
that refuses to leave
so i chew and i swallow
so i gulp and i follow
where the water pulls me
into places that can't be
through the haze of this maze
this subaquatic place
where the fish swim through my eyes
open in perpetual surprise
eat the water, keep it down
and become one
with the nothing
that haunts everything

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


the hole grows bigger every day
while we feed it with neglect and apathy
the road grows narrow with the junk we collect
while the mountains run towards us at a snail's pace

the feet gather wounds that scar and scab
while the surface turns hard as the ground
the taste in your mouth is bitter as defeat
while you chew through the boulder you roll up and up

the dreams come and they're same as the night before
while you sink in the pseudo-comfort of familiarity
the life with eyes wide open is a wound that throbs
with the need that craves curiosity

the lock is on the door and it has no key
while blood seeps through the wood like tears of a dead tree
chew chew and chew some more on the mud of life
while the froth drips like poison from your lips

The four parts of this poem are all derived from my daily life, so yeah, you can say things are going great!

Thursday, January 18, 2018


six fathoms deep
try to understand
if you can
there are no answers
to questions that


rogue balloons
of words
strung by punctuation
a question mark
is a hook inside my heart

and while I am sleeping deep
below the white and blue
I will think of the question
and the answers I wish I knew

Sunday, January 14, 2018


it all looks so different
swimming, slurred, shimmering
as I look up through the water
the sun is a bubbling blurred bulb in the blue sky

fish swim by me
their meat station
as the salt water
bleaches my bones

a house of bones
with no one inside
forever asleep, eyes wide open
with a grin that I can't hide

and if I dream, it will be water
filling me up, surrounding me
in darkness, in the cold
there is nothing left to feel

everything is cool
everything is calm
fish have made their homes
in the bones of my palm

Water theme, man. I am alright. I just find drowning a fascinating topic for poems. There is a serenity to the ocean, to be underwater, to stay there and never breathe air again.

to drown

to drown
is a dream
take me in
the depths
of your warm embrace

liquid mother
fill me up
I'll breathe you in
till we are one
and one are we

let me sink
in your love
hold me close
and break my heart
with your love

and then rip my skin
eat my flesh and lick my bones
bury me in your sands
at the bottom
like a stone

so I will stay for a thousand years
till the ships come
to idolize
my remains